Well…sort of today…

1-year-12-months2Those that know me best would probably agree with the fact that two words that describe me are ‘sentimental’ and ‘cynical’. While probably not the first words out of their mouths in that description, odds are they would be in there somewhere. It’s kind of an odd pairing to be sentimental and cynical at the same time, almost reaching the point of oxymoron. I bring this up because this past weekend was a special one at Sound Reason.

One year ago on July 19th I purchased the domain name and gave in to the years of friends, mentors, and colleagues prodding me to start putting the information and experience that I’ve accumulated over the years into the world for others to pull from if they wanted it. I was so cynical about whether anyone would care what I had to say that it took me 3 more months to actually build and launch the site, but in my head it was taking that first step of taking ownership of something as being the more important anniversary for me to celebrate.

I’m so grateful for all the readers that follow and appreciate what it is I bring to the table. When it comes to the AV pieces my goal has always been to provide content that gives each reader enough information and the ability to decide what their opinion should be for themselves. I’m happy to give you both sides of the story and let you determine what you think is best. For the music pieces I do my best just to make it about the ‘why’ of music and audio engineering. One of my favorite parts of music is the psychology behind it all – the topics of the songs, the rhyming schemes, the choices of words all fascinate me, and that’s something I hope to explore in the future, but for now I’ve tried to pick up where my last blog left off by helping to improve a musician’s ability to communicate with an engineer and vice versa. To my Marketing and General Nerdery followers, well I owe you a bit of an apology. It seems like so much has happened in AV and Music in the last year you’ve seen a little neglect, but I hope to resolve that as we work our way through year number two.

I’ve had help in these last twelve months getting this site up and running and getting the word out there about what I’m trying to accomplish. There are probably a hundred people that have helped in some way and I have never ending gratitude for what they’ve done, but there are a handful of individuals that stand out because of what they’ve done and deserve a little extra bit of thanks as I celebrate the first year of this site.

In no particular order they are Gian Fiero, Cris Privan, Bridget Hudzik, Chris Neto, George Tucker, Tim Albright, Nermina Miller, and Ann Brigida.  Thank you all for the push to get this going, the encouragement to keep it doing it, and the assistance to continually expand what not only this site is capable of, but also what I am capable of doing.

I’m so thankful to all of my readers for taking the time to follow and interact with me and what I publish. We’re almost through year one of the site being active, and while I have no clue what’s going to happen next and what topics will be discussed, I am extremely excited to see where it all continues to travel.


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