doctor-who-season-8Nine days from when this post goes up my favorite television show, Doctor Who, will be returning to the airwaves for its 8th season since the reboot. I feel like a kid at Christmas while I wait for the show to start illuminating my living room. I’ve been in such anticipation that I have been listening to the previous season’s soundtracks on Spotify and even find myself running errands while this YouTube video plays through my car stereo, and trust me it makes all those errands so much more fun.

I could honestly go on at great length about how excited I am, but that would cause me to drift from the reasons why. I am not the kind of fan that memorizes every fact about the things I that get my inner nerd revved up, but I love them nonetheless. Doctor Who was a discovery for me that celebrated something that I felt was significantly lacking in modern entertainment – a celebration of the cerebral. This was a show that made the hero someone that sought the incredible in life and looked at it all with wonder and amazement. He may have encountered similar people or events throughout time and space, but he rarely rushes to judgment and tries to keep an open mind while seeing all sides of the story. When the inevitable trouble comes along he doesn’t ever turn to physical altercations but instead uses his wits and wiles to try and reach the best possible outcome for all involved.

The brains of the show, along with great storytelling, really spoke to me, but it was that last part that I try and keep near to me in my daily life – finding the best outcome for everyone involved. We encounter so many problems and struggles in our lives and so often we look to get out as quickly as possible while not necessarily considering every possible option. Everything in life won’t be a win-win, but the more often that we can find those circumstances where everyone comes out ahead would definitely make it a better place for all of us.

This is the kind of show that just brings inspiration to look forward in life, to keep your eyes and your heart open, to experience it all, and to use your head to resolve issues. It’s not a show for everyone, but it gave me that idealistic hero to recall and look to when things are either fantastic or rough.


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