300px-Netneutralitycopy139It’s not every day that the opportunity to speak with FCC officials is presented, so I did my best to make the most of it, ultimately resulting in a phone call that allowed me to get to the heart of the matter regarding the kinds of services that AV integrators provide and which of them, if any, would be protected by the Open Internet rules. The results were not far off from where my theories have been since the rules were made public, but there is some additional vital information.

In my conversation regarding the service of video conferencing over ISP networks, there was a distinct line drawn in the sand about what the Open Internet rules are designed to protect. Essentially, as I’ve discussed before, the rules place the distinction of BIAS (broadband internet access service) on the services and devices that are protected. What that actually means is that if someone can open a web browser and log into the service from anywhere then it is protected under the rules.

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